Llama Alpaca Plush Toy With Saddle (Various Designs)

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  • Soft and cuddly Llama Alpaca Plush Toy with an adorable saddle on its back!
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Each Alpha stuffed animal features a cute removable saddle on its back and a embroidered happy face.
  • Inspired by Alpacasso and Zen Llama!
  • Rest your head or feet upon it in your home or office!
  • Filled with cotton.
  • Perfect gift for Llama or Alpaca lovers, Alpacasso or Arpakasso fans, kids and adults alike!
  • Unique home decoration for play rooms, nursery, sofa and more!
  • Hand wash only.

With a happy smiley face, super soft fur and an adorable little saddle on its back, the Llama Alpaca Plush Toy is so soft and cuddly! This Llama Alpaca stuffed toy is perfect for resting your head or feet on, or to decorate your sofa or nursery with!

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