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Full Length Car Seat Water Cooler Cushion


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  • The best Full Length Car Seat Water Cooler Cushion to cool down your car seat or office chair in the hot summer months and provide support to your back.
  • Doubles up as a cushion too and only takes 10mins to cool down your hot car seat!
  • Suitable for car seats (front and back), office chair or your baby’s booster seat!
  • Bound edges and reinforced openings withstand up to 440lbs / 200Kg!
  • 4 layers of self-insulated material allow for the cooler to stay frozen longer.
  • Fill it up with water or air depending on your liking.
  • Place into freezer for 20-30mins for the ultimate cooling!
  • Measures 4ft x 1.6ft / 120cm x 50cm, L x W
  • Design may differ from pictures shown.
  • NOTE: Remove cooler before placing your child back on baby car seat. Do not place child on cooler.

This amazing Multi-purpose Freezable Seat Cooler covers your entire car seat and can be filled with water or air for different temperature or hardness depending on your liking! Place the cooler to keep your car seat or your baby’s child seat cool while you’re out running errands! You could sit on the cooler, or remove it after cooling.

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