Table Feet Hammock

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  • Table Feet Hammock is designed for resting your feet to soothe back pain from long hours of sitting!
  • Adjustable height for the most comfortable position.
  • Works on desks or tables at office or home!
  • Comes with hammock and two metal clips
  • Rubber padding on clip prevents hammock from sliding
  • Fits 3.9 feet / 1.2 metre table
  • Size: 25.55" x 6.68" / 65 cm x 17 cm
  • Length of Rope: 7.87" - 17.69" / 20 cm - 45 cm (adjustable)
Does your back or feet hurt from working in a sitting position too long? The Desk Feet Hammock replaces that extra stool you use to prop your feet up and is a must-have to combat the long working hours. Adjustable rope allows you to elevate your feet higher or lower depending on your preference for the most comfortable position.
Table Feet Hammock
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