Novelty Injection Syringe Shaped Pen (Set of 4)

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  • Liquid filled, click-action, Novelty Injection Syringe Shaped Ballpoint Pens!
  • Makes a perfect gift for medical workers, doctors, nurses, dentists and more!
  • Functions as a great tool for helping your child get over the fear of injection, or use it as an excellent prop during Halloween or theme parties.
  • Come with fluid measurements!
  • Refillable! Just unscrew the bottom and pop in a refill.
  • Does not function as a real syringe.
  • Each order includes 4 pens.
  • Approx. 5.12" / 13cm
  • Note: Random syringe colors will be given

Every medical professional, or just everyone with a sense of humor, will need the Novelty Injection Syringe Shaped Pen. Writing a prescription or to-do list has never been more fun! 

Novelty Injection Syringe Shaped Pen (Set of 4)
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