Eco-Friendly Staple Free Stapler

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  • Staple-Free Stapler conserves environment and saves costs by fastening up to 8 sheets together without staples!
  • Stapleless stapler fastens by punching a small hole in a stack of paper and tucking the punched-out tab under the bottom sheet securely.
  • Binds up to 8 sheets of paper at a time and eliminates the need to have both a stapler and staples.
  • Easy to separate pages without extensive tearing or removing of staples.
  • Shred documents easily without any worry of staples getting jammed.
  • Each "punch-n-tuck" operation makes a clicking sound to confirm successful fastening.
  • Safe for for kids.
  • Compact, lightweight and suitable for home, school, office and travel use.
  • Makes a great gift for educators, students, teachers, administrators, secretaries, environmentalists and more!
  • Random color sent.
Staple-less stapler offers a new way to staple, without staples! This Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Staple Free Stapler cuts a tab in the paper forming a slot, then folds the tab under the bottom sheet firmly to keep papers together. If you need to undo the stapling, simply push the folded tab back  to release the papers, then staple at the same spot again. This staple-free fastener is made with convenience in mind and completely eliminates the need to buy or carry staples!
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I recommend this product

I work in a detention facility and we are not able to use staples for security reasons. It has worked for attaching two pages of computer paper together as well as 5 pages. I have used this with both regular loose leaf paper as well as standard computer paper. Both have connected well and seem to hold well enough for our purposes.

I recommend this product

Cute little staplers! They work well on a few sheets of paper. Wouldn't be able to punch too many pieces, though. I was under the impression that this items somehow crimped paper so 4 stars.

I recommend this product

Just what I was looking for! It creates a very strong connection between the papers by forming a tab that it some how inserts into a slot it creates. Love it. It's a little larger than I expected, but works beautifully. So glad I purchased this.

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I recommend this product


I recommend this product

I absolutely love this stapler! At my store we always stapled customer’s til receipt to their debit/credit card receipt so they’d have them both in case of the need to return an item. I was tired of the stapler jamming and wasting staples all the time. Not to mention having to remove the staple to recycle the paper. This secures the two together and now I don’t have to worry having to reload the stapler while a customer waits and wasting all those staples! It’s well constructed and I think it’ll last a long long time.

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Eco-Friendly Staple Free Stapler
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