3X Water Saving Pressure Shower Head

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  • Enjoy up to 300% increase in water pressure while saving up to 30% water with 3X Water Saving Pressure Shower Head!
  • 300 pinholes panel enables a wide surface coverage with least amount of water used.
  • Turbocharged technology increases water pressure no matter the water source!
  • Hassle free installation, simply connect your existing hose to shower head
  • Fits most standard shower hoses.
  • High quality multilayer chrome finish on tough ABS shell.
  • Measures 8.27" x 2.75" / 21cm x 7cm

3X Water Pressure Shower Head spits out hundreds of tiny powerful jet streams that feel so soft and luxurious on your body, you’d never want to get out of shower! LUV Throttling Technology conserves up to 30% more water by covering a wider surface area with the same amount of water!

3X Water Saving Pressure Shower Head
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