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Penis Sperm Condom USB Drive (Various Designs And Sizes)


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Free Worldwide Delivery On All Items!
  • Everyone’s favorite phallus in an adorable USB flash drive format, accompanied by its sidekicks – condom, sperm and egg!
  • Available as Penis, Penis with Balls, Sperm, Sperm with Egg and Condom designs ranging from 4GB to 64GB.
  • Must-have gift for bridal shower, bachelorette parties, stag parties, gag gifts to boyfriend, girlfriend, pregnancy announcement parties, or even a house warming gift for an annoying prick.
  • USB2.0 Flash Drive
  • Anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Operating platforms: WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS8, 6 & HIGHER, UNIX, LINUX2.4 or later (have to install drivers for WIN98)
  • No external power supply needed, support BIOS, USB-HDD, ZIP start mode.
  • Approximately 2.75″ / 7cm.
  • Doubles as keyring.
  • Made of silicone outer covering (slightly soft).
  • Not recommended for the faint-hearted! Highly recommended for those with a weird sense of humor! 

Because work and studies can never be too boring! Spice up your otherwise mundane meeting or lecture when you whip out the Penis USB Flash Drive which comes in penis only or added scrotum designs! For or against pregnancy? State your stand proudly with the Condom USB Drive or Sperm And Egg USB Thumb Drive!

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