Mini Capsule Cutter Key Ring Pendant

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  • Multi-Function Mini Capsule Cutter Key Ring Pendant is both an emergency cutter and a cool looking keychain!
  • Cleverly designed 35-degree cutting angle allow blade to be sharp enough to open even tin cans, yet safe enough to not cut your fingers!
  • Carabiner hook allows you to attach or detach this capsule cutter easily!
  • Doubles as a pendant for the manliest man!
  • Brass cap protects the cutter and add to its charm!
  • Use it as a letter opener, can opener, cutting tablet pills, fingernail cleaner, thread cutter, box opener or even as a last line of defence against a pack of wild cats!
  • Perfect as a backup tool in case of emergencies.
  • Useful EDC tiny cutting tool makes a perfect gift for just about anyone!
  • Made of 3Cr13 grade stainless steel which is commonly used in survival kit and brass cap.
  • Measures 2.04" x 0.39" / 52mm x 10mm
This Multi-Function Mini Capsule Knife Tool Key Ring can be placed with your keys or hung onto your bag discreetly and provides you with an emergency cutter for all situations, or a last-minute weapon to protect yourself against imagined threats! Perfect for backpacking, fishing, hunting trips and more!
Mini Capsule Cutter Key Ring Pendant
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