Koi Fish Porcelain Teacup (Various Colors & Sizes)

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Blue - 3.3"x1.38" (2.27oz) / 8.5cmx3.5cm (67ml)
Blue - 2.56"x1.18" (1.12oz) / 6.5cmx3m (33ml)
Blue - 3.15"x1.38" (1.96oz) / 8cmx3.5cm (58ml)
Blue - 3.15"x1.18" (2.13oz) / 8cmx3cm (63ml)
Blue - 2.95"x1.57" (2.3oz) / 7.5cmx4cm (68ml)
Green - 3.3"x1.38" (2.27oz) / 8.5cmx3.5cm (67ml)
Green - 2.56"x1.18" (1.12oz) / 6.5cmx3m (33ml)
Green - 3.15"x1.38" (1.96oz) / 8cmx3.5cm (58ml)
Green - 3.15"x1.18" (2.13oz) / 8cmx3cm (63ml)
Green - 2.95"x1.57" (2.3oz) / 7.5cmx4cm (68ml)
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  • Beautiful set of Koi Fish Porcelain Teacup featuring 3D koi fishes swimming leisurely in the cups.
  • Available in blue and green and in various sizes.
  • 100% handmade. Painted by hand to resemble realistic looking koi fish.
  • Perfect gift for tea lovers and fans of Japanese or Chinese Kung Fu tea culture.
  • Made of high quality porcelain
Enjoy a lazy morning sipping from these delightful Koi Fish Porcelain Teacups which look as though the fishes have come to life when filled with tea.
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