Flexible Electric USB Windproof Lighter (Various Colors)

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  • Flexible Electric USB Windproof Lighter with a long adjustable neck and electric plasma tip to reach those hard to reach angles!
  • Windproof and flameless to prevent accidental burns on fingers!
  • No butane or fuel required! Rechargeable via connecting to any device or charger with a USB port.
  • Power saving with battery level indicator. Lighter will automatically power off after 10 seconds when not in use.
  • Child safety lighter with child-proof on/off-switch.
  • Compact size and portable enough for trips! 
  • Suitable for camping, BBQ, candles, incense, gas stove, wood wool, fireworks, cigarettes and more.
  • One complete charge holds approximately 500 electric pulses.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Built-in 200mAh lithium battery
  • Each order include 1 x electric-arc lighter with flexible neck and 1 x USB cable
The Flexible Electric USB Windproof Lighter is a rechargeable electric lighter that is flameless and requires no fuel to work! The long, adjustable neck of this flexible lighter can be rotated 360° degrees and can be lit in any direction (even upside down), making it easy to reach into deep containers, narrow openings and awkward corners!
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