Fishing For Poop Toy Set

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  • Hilarious fishing for shit toy makes bath time super fun for your little ones!
  • Play with the floaters in bathtub or toilet the harmless way!
  • Keep your little ones entertained and looking forward to their baths!
  • Great for both children and adults alike (so long as they have a sense of humor!)
  • Play with them at swimming pool, sink, basin, bathtub, toilet bowl and more! 
  • Perfect for themed parties too!
  • Each package contains 6 x shit, 1 x fishing rod and 1 x fishing net.
  • Colors may differ from pictures.
  • Suitable for age 3 and up.
It’s time to retire that boring old bath duck! Your 3 year old will tell you that the Fishing For Poop Game is the best toy ever, and so will your 49 year old husband! This amusing game is perfect for those who love to joke about poop and kids who talk shit all the time!
Fishing For Poop Toy Set
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