Chicken Microwave Egg Cooker

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  • Get your protein fix quickly with the Chicken Microwave Egg Cooker
  • Made from food-safe plastic with an aluminium tray
  • Add water to the base, secure the lid and place it in the microwave to cook
  • Doubles up as an adorable utensil for serving your eggs with
  • For soft boiled eggs, cooking time is approximately 4 minutes 
  • For hard boiled eggs, cooking time is approximately 7 minutes
  • Dismantles easily for thorough cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 6.29" x 4.72" / 16 cm x 12cm
Sometimes the simplest task can prove to be very tiresome when all you want is a quick protein fix! The Chicken Microwave Egg Cooker is here to boil your eggs with no fuss and no mess at all! Simply add water to the base and place one egg inside, then secure the lid, pop it into the microwave and you'll have the perfect soft or hard boiled egg in mere minutes.
Chicken Microwave Egg Cooker
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