Bedside Sofa Caddy Storage Organizer (Various Colors)

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  • Handy all-in-one Bedside Sofa Caddy Storage Organizer keeps your daily necessities within arm's reach.
  • Available in Gray and Black.
  • Four roomy compartments to store tissue box, water bottle, magazines, iPads, glasses, mobile phones, remote controls and more!
  • Works on sofa, double decker beds and regular bed frames - requires weight on top to hold the caddy down.
  • With a cable outlet to allow you to charge your devices easily from the bedside.
  • Comes with hanging holes on top for easy hanging by your cabinet.
  • Doubles up as a makeshift garbage holder for those runny nose days!
  • Removable tissue box holder allows you to adjust the width as needed.
  • Approx. 9.45inch x 13.58inch x 4.13inch / 24cm x 34.5cm x 10.5cm

Don’t you hate it when you’re comfortably nestled in on your bed, only to realise the remote control is still on the TV? This hanging Bedside Sofa Caddy Storage Organizer is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. The bedside sofa organizer sleeve holds a ton of items such as water bottle, books, newspapers, tablets, mobile phones, remote controls, tissues, spectacles and keeps them right by your side! Convert the holder into a makeshift trash bin when you have a cold and use tissues by the dozens by placing a plastic bag into the bottle holder.

Bedside Sofa Caddy Storage Organizer (Various Colors)
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