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$24.90 USD
One size fits all drink holder to securely hold all of your favorite drinks on the arm of your sofa, couch or armchair. Store mugs, tumblers, phones, remotes, milk bottles, nail polish, snacks and more! Comes with adapter to create snug fit for smaller bottles with a clever opening for cup handles. ...
$19.90 USD
THE playing cards for pirates, villains, or anyone whose wardrobe is bursting with black. Printed in USA on Bee casino grade paper. Beautiful and built to last. Perfect as gifts for those into skull, goth or just a regular game of poker. Full deck of 54 cards with 2 joker cards...
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$16.90 USD
Kitties and pups chilling out on the fridge in the form of sleeping pet magnets. Hilarious, functional and presentable. Perfect for home, office, dog and cat lovers. Makes a great conversational piece. All 4 pieces per order. Approx. 2" x 0.6"  / 5cm x 1.5cm Sometimes you need to laugh and allow your whimsical...
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$23.90 USD
Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, TubShroom fits inside, neatly collecting hair around it while allowing water flow! Simply wipe TubShroom off when cleaning! No more tangled messes! Fits any 1.5" / 3.8cm standard tub drain and guaranteed to catch every hair! Random color will be sent. Made...
$12.90 USD
12-in-1 kitchen tool for deep frying, steaming, boiling, blanching vegetables and more. Specially designed handles will NOT get hot! Doubles up as a colander for rinsing, washing, draining, straining and also as a counter-top bowl too! When coking is done, simply lift out the basket and transfer right from pot to...
$5.90 USD
Self-inking stamp designed with a special pattern to hide printed confidential information in one quick swipe! Ideal for use on junk mail, magazines, bank statements, credit card offers, bills and more! Eliminates the need for a noisy and expensive shredder! Thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary. Available in 2 sizes,...
$14.90 USD
Natural pumice stone scouring stick removes calcium, rust and lime from toilets, tile, bath tubs and sinks. Ergonomic handle makes it sanitary and easy to use in hard to reach corners. Cleans off hard water stains with no damage to porcelain surfaces and no harsh chemicals! Safe for children and pets. 100% natural pumice....
$9.90 USD
Adorable hippopotamus cover keeps debris out of your drains and doubles up as a suction lid too! Forms a seal to hold cover firmly in place on smooth, non-porous surface. Easy to use and clean. Fits most standard sink, basin and bathtub drains and regular bowls. Made of silicone rubber. Set of 2 covers...
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$12.90 USD
Transform your empty bottles into romantic night lights or decorate your surroundings with the LED lights. Each cork light is long at 6.5ft / 2m with 20 super bright multi-colored LED bulbs. Light string is flexible, easy to bend and shape as you like. Fits most standard beverage, alcoholic drinks and condiment bottles....
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$15.92 USD $19.90 USD
Perfect for engraving on metal, wood, leather, glass, ceramic and more. Label tools, personal belongings and valuables to make identification a snap. Great for art projects, DIY crafts and inscribing on gifts. Excellent way to identify school supplies especially those expensive calculators, magnifying glasses and pens. Compact and lightweight. Easily fits...
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$19.90 USD
Drop your dice into the skull and add a dash of horror to your games! Designed to look like a skeleton skull with its mouth agape, you're sure to attract the attention of other gamers! When not in use, display it proudly on your shelf. Easy to assemble and take apart. Store it flat-pack...
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$31.92 USD $39.90 USD
Noise reduction cushioned headphones with glowing cat ears! Available in 4 colors! Works perfectly with PCs, iPhones, Androids & more. Brilliant sound quality! Smart design allows it to be flat-packed for maximum portability. 3 light modes: On, Off, Blinking Standard 3.5mm headphone jack works with all devices. On/Off switch located behind...
$35.90 USD
Solve the different math equations on the clock to tell the time. Non-ticking sweep second hand ensures quiet environment to work and sleep in. Perfect as gifts for math teacher, engineer, architect, mathematician or anyone who just loves numbers. High quality engraved lettering. Black and white design make it easy to read and...
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$7.90 USD
Stores your earphones and prevents the earphone cable from tangling up. Place the ear buds into the pods to protect them. Available in Purple and Green. Approx. 2" x 2" / 5 cm x 5 cm  This neat little rubberised brick is a fun cord and cable storage solution. Wrap your earphone cord...
$49.90 USD
Style up like the Amazonian princess with this Wonder Woman Bath Robe. Available in 2 designs with different front and back logos. Adorned with tiara on hood. Made of super soft and luxurious cotton velour. Self tie closure. Features a belt and pockets. A must-have backpack for Wonder Woman or D.C fans! One...
$18.90 USD
Follow The Trail Train Toy with built-in in optical sensor follows any line on paper automatically Draw your line in any pattern and watch your train follow the path given Use an ordinary dark colored crayon or marker to draw the line Line must be at least 0.2" / 5mm thick When the line...
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