Gift of Nothing (Various Designs)

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Round Ball Of Nothing
Double Sweets Of Nothing - Clear
Round Sweet Of Nothing
Single Sweet Of Nothing - Clear
Empty Heart of Nothing
Single Sweet Of Nothing - Pink
Double Sweets Of Nothing - Pink
Single Sweet Of Nothing - Yellow
Double Sweets Of Nothing - Yellow
Double Sweets Of Nothing - Blue
Single Sweet Of Nothing - Blue
Double Sweets Of Nothing - Red
Single Sweet Of Nothing - Red
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  • Gift of Nothing for the person who has everything, or that annoying friend or family member who doesn't want gifts because they "already have everything"!
  • Works wonders for a former lover, an evil boss, or just a spoiled little brat child too!
  • The gift of nothing will show how much you care and how much effort you’ve put into giving them something really special.
  • Nothing at all in different styles of emptiness.
  • Up to 8 cm³ of wonderful, empty space!
  • The accompanying text is an ode to absolute nothingness!
  • Airy product with extreme durability!
  • Makes a perfect gag gift who anyone with a sense of humor!

What do you buy someone who doesn't want anything. The answer is surprisingly simple: The Gift of Nothing of course! At least they won't have one already. And there's no chance of them hating you for it, because there's nothing to hate. The accompanying text carefully explains to the recipient what they're holding: "Nothing, for the person who has everything".

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