Alphabet Number Fridge Magnet Set

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  • Includes all 26 uppercase letters and 10 digits (from 0 through 9).
  • Construct hilarious reminders on your fridge for your significant other or roommates.
  • Doubles up as teaching materials for your little ones.
  • Safe, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic and lead-free magnets.
  • Perfect for class demonstrations, home schooling and for leaving messages on the fridge at home!

This Alphabet & Number Fridge Magnet Set consists of 36 magnets in total from letters to numbers. Need a reminder in buying milk or asking your pesky roommates to pay their rent? These brightly colored fridge magnets will be sure to catch their attention on your messages! Or, you could teach your toddler about letters and numbers the super fun way. Either way, these magnets would be well used.

Alphabet Number Fridge Magnet Set
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