Shark Bite Plush Slippers (Various Designs)

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  • Watch your feet get swallowed in one big gulp with the Shark Bite Plush Slippers
  • Available in Shark Bite & Plush Shark designs in Gray and Pink.
  • Excellent attention to details with 3D fins and tails, embroidered eyes and gills, red fleshy mouth lined with jagged teeth!
  • Perfect gifts for "Jaws" and "The Shallows" movie lovers
  • Soft furry covering all around with thick 1" (2.5cm) foam insole and anti-slip bottom.
  • One size fits US Size 6-9 / EU Size 36-42 / UK Size 4-8.5 (loose to snug fit)
  • Measures approx. 11" (28 cm) in length
Celebrate Shark Week and The Shallows with a jaws-dropping pair of handmade indoor shoes that add kick to your workwear. Whether you're circling the water cooler or swimming deep into boring meetings, you're sure to bring humor and style to any room with the outrageous Shark Bite Plush Indoor Slippers.
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