Giant Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion (Various Sizes And Colors)

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  • Introducing the Gigantic Penis Long Pillow Bolster Cushion - everyone's favorite phallus in an even bigger and longer size!
  • Available from 1ft (30cm) to 3.3ft (100cm) and in light and dark colored skin tones!
  • Super long, thick and weirdly cuddly...
  • With an adorable smiley face to brighten your day or night! Use this dick pillow cushion in place of the boyfriend that you never had, or the one IRL who's currently away!
  • Mind you, it goes up to 3.3ft (100cm) long and is the only penis which should be soft and furry!
  • Must-have gift for bridal shower, bachelorette parties, gag gifts to boyfriend, girlfriend, comfort cushion for lonely souls on Valentine's Day, or even a house warming gift for an annoying prick.
  • Not recommended for the faint-hearted! Highly recommended for those with a weird sense of humor! 

A giant cuddly Penis Cushion Long Pillow in the shape of a giant dick packs some frankly obscene girth and length! This dick bolster goes up to nearly 3.3 feet (1 metre) long and has an adorable smiley face to brighten your day or night! Keep this penis pillow on your bed when you need some love during those cold and lonely nights and wrap both your arms and legs around it for extra warmth!

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