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$13.90 USD
Water resistant Bluetooth 3.0 speakers with built-in mic for hands-free talking and 6 hours of seamless music streaming. 33 feet / 10 meters connection range for both outdoor and indoor use.  Universal compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4, notebooks and other Bluetooth digital devices. Easy access to...
$12.90 USD
Holds 5 gallons / 20 litres for multiple showers and equipped with solar energy heating. Strong handle with hard PVC tube insert to reinforce bag handle for prolonged hanging. Handy on/off valve connected to shower head. Comes with hanging hook, rope, PVC tube, on/off valve, shower head and shower bag. Great for camping trips, hiking,...
Quick look
$12.90 USD
Great way to jazz up your swimming pool or brighten up your bathtub. Mood light changes color randomly to create a mesmerising kaleidoscope of light. Light will float on water and includes two suckers per light to allow it to be attached to walls, or underwater on smooth non-porous surfaces. 100% waterproof with...
Quick look
$26.90 USD
Bask in the sun while lying down on your favorite junk food blanket that is gigantic at 5 feet wide. Available in Hamburger, Donut, Pizza design. Use it on the beach, by the pool on aboard the plane on your travels. Durable and lightweight. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Made of 100% polyester....
$21.90 USD
Chill out on the gigantic 4 ft. / 120cm strawberry or chocolate Donut Swimming Float Inflatable giant pool float fits most adults Perfect for pool, lake or beach Made of extra thick and durable vinyl Measures 4 ft. / 47" / 120cm Note: Item ships deflated. Simply blow it up to its...
$9.90 USD
Perfect for keeping your drink within reach while drifting along in your pool. Holds regular 12oz / 350ml soda can and cups. 3 different floats allow you to differentiate the drinks amongst your guests. 3 floats per order: Strawberry, Chocolate, and Berry frosted donuts. Measures 7.5" x 6" / 19 cm...
Quick look
$6.90 USD
6 sheets per order with more than 50 trendy tattoo designs! Last 2-6 days Water resistant and perfect for a day out at the beach or pool To apply: Place tattoos face down on clean and dry skin, hold wet cloth against the back for a minute, then peel off. Let tattoo...
Quick look
$4.95 USD $9.90 USD
The weapon of choice for your pool fights Perfect for close to mid-range combat Detach handle and chain to use as a ball Handle is made of hard PVC and wrapped with styrofoam to float on water Measures: Ball: 4.7"/ 16 cm Handle: 11"/28 cm Item ships deflated. Simply blow...
Quick look
$7.96 USD $19.90 USD
Enjoy the sensation of walking on grass, minus the mud! Perfect for a day out at the beach or pool party Artificial grass. Watering and mowing not required. Available in three sizes US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes 5 35-36 3 8 38-39 6 12 43-44 10   Love the...
Quick look
$7.90 USD
Perfect for keeping your drink within a hand's reach Holds regular 12-oz. soda can 4 floats per order Measures: 8" x 6.75" / 20 x 17cm Note: Item ships deflated. Simply blow it up to its former glory. Flamingo Drink Float is perfect for your pool party! Relax in the...
Quick look
$8.51 USD $18.90 USD
Flip-flops that leave messages in the sand! Hot pink slippers with a navy blue middle layer and text Available in four sizes: US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes 5 35-36 3 6 36-37 4 7 37-38 5 8 38-39 6   Flip-flops are everywhere. But those that leave lasting footprints?...


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All of our awesome T-shirts are unique and exclusively designed by our in-house geeks. They have been rigorously tested by GeekyGet pirates for comfort and durability! After all, we wear them out on the deck, rain or shine. To keep your tees in tip-top condition, machine wash them in cold water, inside out. Dry them by standing under the sun like the badass pirate that you are, or dump them in the dryer, they'll shrink a little though, all cotton do. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're lying.

Pirates never iron their shirts, we wear them crumpled for the extra touch of style. If you have to, do not under any circumstances iron the design. 

Here're some frequently used labels to denote the properties of our tees.




We may be pirates, but we sure are classy ones. At GeekyGet, we use only the finest materials, combined with the best printing methods to ensure comfort and durability. After extensive wear and wash testing which resulted in several ruined T-shirts, we have narrowed down our fabric choices to two types. 



Combed cotton is an extremely soft version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The fibres are combed with very fine brushes in order to leave behind only the longest, strongest, and straightest fibres while at the same time removing any remaining impurities. Well treated combed cotton is less subject to fraying, pilling, and tearing than conventional cotton, and more expensive due to its lengthy manufacturing processes. The silky soft, strong material is an excellent choice for garments intended to be worn by babies, since it is gentle against the skin.



LYCRA®, otherwise known as Spandex or elastane, is a man-made fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. Garment made with LYCRA® can stretch, but more importantly they have excellent recovery performance so that garments can keep their shape, even after repeated washing. It is also lightweight, quick drying and breathable, with reduced static cling and pilling. 



All of our T-shirts are made of heavy-weight cotton. No see-through nips here. Unisex tees have a loose-fitting cut which is suitable for both genders. Check out our designs here.

US Size 0 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18
Length 67cm / 26” 69cm / 27” 71cm / 28” 73cm / 29” 76cm / 30” 78cm / 31”
Chest 95cm / 37” 100cm / 39” 105cm / 41” 110cm / 43” 115cm / 45” 120cm / 47”


Hips (in) 36-37" 38-39" 40-41" 42-43"
Hips (cm) 91.5-94 cm 96.5-99cm 101.5-104cm 106.5-109cm


SLIPPERS US Size Euro Size UK Size
5 35-36 3
6 36-37 4
7 37-38 5
8 38-39 6