Large Glow In Dark Moon Wall Sticker (Various Colors)

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  • Transform your bedroom into a celestial space filled with moonlight with Large 12-inch (30cm) Glow In Dark Moon Wall Sticker!
  • High quality printing showing craters, highlights and shadows of moon.
  • Looks amazing during daytime and nightfall!
  • Available in natural and rainbow colors!
  • Perfect for decorating a child's bedroom, galaxy or constellation lovers!
  • Made from durable, non-toxic and waterproof fluorescent PVC paper.
  • Peel off backing and press to apply.
  • Measures 12-inch / 30cm.

Large Glow In Dark Moon Wall Sticker brings back your childhood memory of staring up at the ceiling before bed. This wall decal absorbs light during the day, allowing it to glow a luminous green for hours come nightfall, providing ambience lighting for kids who are afraid of the dark!

Large Glow In Dark Moon Wall Sticker (Various Colors)
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