Leaf Shaped Self-Draining Sponge And Soap Dish (Various Colors)

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  • Leaf Shaped Sponge And Soap Dish with self-draining water outlets on both top and bottom racks allow water to flow out easily.
  • Prevents growth of mildew on your sponges and keep your bar soap lasting longer with proper water drainage.
  • Double layer to hold both soap and sponge at the same time.
  • Raised divider and leaf holder designed to prevent your soaps and sponges from slipping down.
  • Practical and stylish leaf shaped design soap box complements any interior decoration!
  • Great for holding all sizes of bar soaps, sponges, brushes, scrubs and any items requiring water drainage after use!
  • Double adhesive non-slip padding at the bottom to keep your leaf sponge holder in place.
  • Perfect on the sink, basin, bathtub and in your bathroom or kitchen!
  • Made high-quality PP plastic to withstand wear and tear.
Leaf Shaped Sponge And Soap Dish With Drainage helps your soaps and sponges to last longer by allowing water to drain easily from them after use. The unique leaf sponge soap box not only improves the aesthetics of your bathroom and kitchen, it maximises space by storing both soap and sponge together.
Leaf Shaped Self-Draining Sponge And Soap Dish (Various Colors)
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