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$15.12 USD $18.90 USD
Star Wars spaceships, transports, droids and more! No glue needed Made of duplex stainless steel A nifty decoration on your work desk Perfect for age 6 and above Assembly instructions included Completed model is approx 2.5" x 2" x 3" / 6.4cm X 5.1cm X 7.6cm. Actual size varies for...
$11.92 USD $14.90 USD
Grow your own crystals and make your wish upon them Safe, non-toxic and easy to grow Excellent educational kit Crystal varies for different messages Each kit contains crystal powder, jar, and message tag Size: Diameter 2.15" (5.5cm) / Height 3.35" (8.5cm) Crystals are widely believed to confer special powers (we hope!) and healing...
$31.92 USD $39.90 USD
Light up your dark side with Star Wars 3D Deco Lamps Laser engraved 3D designs Includes remote control for 13 color change display, brightness adjustment and 4 display modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth). Cold LED light source - panel is cool to touch 5mm thick acrylic light panel Powered by...
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$15.33 USD $21.90 USD
Perfect gift for the frequent traveler. Scratch off the foil to unveil each country that you've been to. Hang it up on the wall for the perfect backdrop. Double-sided printing with outlines and details on the other side (medium size only) High quality glossy poster paper with golden foil. Free...
$4.13 USD $5.90 USD
Protect your earphone jack from dust Fits most regular smartphones, tablet and notebook earphone jacks Compatible with standard 3.5mm jack Several designs available Don't we all love cats? Now you have a chance of having your favorite animal as a protector of your mobile headphone jack. The Kitty Earphone Jack Plug...
$34.93 USD $49.90 USD
Batman Logo Mirror that'll make Bruce Wayne proud of you A must-have for any DC or Batman fans Wall mount rack included on back of mirror for easy installation Made of acrylic Measurement: 22" x 9" / 55 cm x 23 cm Please remove the protective plastic film after installation Securely packed to prevent damage during...
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$14.32 USD $17.90 USD
Transforms any toilet into a nightlight and say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark Saves energy as motion sensor activates light when you enter and turns it off after you leave Fits any toilet bowl with adjustable arm Splash proof Select from 8 LED colors with just the press of a button - pink, blue, yellow, purple, white,...
$6.45 USD $12.90 USD
Kitty In A Box Sticky Notepads feature 5 different cats in their favorite boxes Makes an awesome gift for your teacher, classmates or any cat lovers 150 sheets in total - 30 sheets per design Boxes are not assembled Set includes one of each: Siamese, Tuxedo Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Tabby Shorthair and Turkish Angora...
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$10.32 USD $12.90 USD
Heat sensitive LED faucet light for kitchen or bathroom. Hydro-powered. No batteries required. Fits most standard faucets. Easy to install. Made of ABS chrome material and durable metal parts for excellent corrosion resistance. Comes with adapter - fits 0.944"/ 0.865" / 2.4cm / 2.2cm diameter Dimensions: 1.38" x 0.94"/ 3.5cm x 2.4cm, L x Dia. 3-color...
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$14.92 USD $19.90 USD
Rewind back the years with this retro cassette tape stationery holder for your desk. Separate compartments to hold your pens, paper clips, pushpins, scissors and more. Includes one roll of tape only. Perfect for use in office, at home and as gifts to music lovers. Approx. 6.8" x 2 " x 4.7" / 17.3 cm x...
$19.90 USD
Inspired by Doctor Who Invisible/hidden zipper closure Printed on one side only, solid white on the reverse side Machine wash cold separately, gentle cycle only, no bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron Cover only. No filling. Material: 100% soft flannel  Size: 18" x 18"/ 45 x 45cm 3 designs available: Tardis,...
$13.90 USD
Turn on your wiper and watch your kitty wag its tail! Designed for cars with a rear window wiper, or you can stick it to any smooth, clean surface To apply: clean surface, stick down decal then smooth out air bubbles with a ruler Includes two cats (happy & grumpy) and...
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$9.73 USD $13.90 USD
Add a touch of decoration with the Colorful Umbrella Wall Hooks Use them both ways for hanging items and storage! Made high-quality ABS plastic Self adhesive on back - remove backing to apply to clean surface Holds approx. 4oz / 100g per umbrella 6 umbrellas wall hooks per order Approx. 5" x 4.3" x 3"/ 12.5...
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$23.92 USD $29.90 USD
Your dragons will digest incense and exhale smoke through their nostrils when in use. Suitable for both incense sticks and cones. Available in fiery red and mystical green. Makes a great piece of fantasy home decor for dragon lovers! Painstakingly hand-painted with attention to details. Please expect minor differences on paint job....
$12.90 USD
Pencils that grow! Innovative water-activated seed capsule in the tip Germinates in approximately two weeks Sold in box of 8 pencils Pencil grade: HD / #2 Regular pencil length at 7" / 10cm 8 herb varieties: basil, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme We all remember those tired...
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$19.90 USD
Heat sensitive LED Shower Head for bathroom Hydro-powered. No batteries required. Easy to install and fits most standard shower hoses Durable chrome finish on tough ABS shell Flexible shower hose in not included Dimensions: 7.86" x 3.14"/ 20 cm x 8 cm, L x Dia. 3-color display: Red, Blue and Green to indicate...
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