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$22.90 USD
This 3D replica of wind turbine comes equipped with a solar panel for converting light energy into kinetic energy which then moves the blades. A great educational kit to teach your child about energy, construction and more! When completed, it makes a perfect desktop decoration.  Easy assembly with laser cut pieces. No...
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$14.90 USD
Flex Tape is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything!  Patch large holes, cracks, gaps and tears under any condition and even underwater! Bond together almost anything! Seal out water, air and moisture! Repair virtually everything! UV resistant, environmentally-friendly, VOC-free Available in...
$13.52 USD $16.90 USD
Free your hands to work or fish in darkness with this fingerless flashlight glove! Suitable for outdoor use, fishing, car repair, plumbing project, camping, travel, hiking and more. Wearable on both left and right hands. Made of comfortable neoprene material with adjustable wrist strap. Includes 2 x CR2032 battery (replaceable) to last...
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$15.92 USD $19.90 USD
Perfect for engraving on metal, wood, leather, glass, ceramic and more. Label tools, personal belongings and valuables to make identification a snap. Great for art projects, DIY crafts and inscribing on gifts. Excellent way to identify school supplies especially those expensive calculators, magnifying glasses and pens. Compact and lightweight. Easily fits...
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$23.92 USD $29.90 USD
Cinema in a box with just a smartphone required! Project your movies and holiday photos onto a wall and enjoy them with your family and friends! Magnifies up to 8 times of the smartphone screen. Soft matte laminate finish, silver foil accents with brown leather print details. Box comes assembled....
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$18.90 USD
Take down your enemies in rubber band warfare quickly with 8 rapidly fired shots! Aim in precision from 20 feet / 6 metres away! Perfect weapon for office warfare or parties! Up to 8 shots per load. No tools or glue are required. Simple assembly requires no need for instruction. Includes laser-cut...
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$12.90 USD
Paint your own pre-historic dinosaurs with this complete gift kit. Dinosaur species available: Tyrannosaurus (T-rex), Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pterosaur. Spend quality time with your kids or just chill out on a Saturday while working on this. Each dinosaur doubles up as a toy or mantelpiece decoration when you're done. Each kit includes one dinosaur model, 6 pots of non-toxic paint, one paintbrush...
$9.54 USD $15.90 USD
Powered by built-in solar panel, energy-saving and eco-friendly design Stimulate a child's understanding of renewable solar energy Easy to assemble and disassemble For ages 10+. Adult supervision required. Each kit comes with 6 different models: Green: Car, Puppy, Windmill, Plane, Revolving Plane and Airboat Approx. 7.87" / 20cm in height...
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$11.94 USD $19.90 USD
Star Wars spaceships, transports, droids and more! No glue needed Made of duplex stainless steel A nifty decoration on your work desk Perfect for age 6 and above Assembly instructions included Completed model is approx 2.5" x 2" x 3" / 6.4cm X 5.1cm X 7.6cm. Actual size varies for...


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