Magnetic Ferrofluid Toy with Magnets

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  • Magnetic Ferrofluid with super strong magnets for endless fun!
  • Upgraded design to rectangular bottle for more stability!
  • Make a great educational tool or stress-relief toy!
  • You can spike, toss, drop, pull and even make the Ferrofluid dance
  • Comes with two super strong neodymium magnets with handles
  • Rubber top with glass bottle
  • Each order contains 1 x magnetic ferrofluid bottle and 2 magnets.

This Magnetic Ferrofluid makes a great interactive display that will look awesome on your desk and is perfect for a quick break to destress. Create your very own magnetised arts and watch the fluid dance around in the bottle. You'll lose track of time when you get your hands on this one for sure.

Magnetic Ferrofluid Toy with Magnets
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